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Fuel Tax Council

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Fuel Tax Council- Fuel Tax Administration in Canada

The FTC was formed in 1998 to develop and achieve an effective and efficient cooperative fuel tax administration model that will curtail tax evasion and promote uniformity based upon measurable objectives. More Information

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Minutes from past meetings are now available online,

Including Minutes from the May 2017 annual meeting  


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Minutes from past teleconferences are also available.

Upcoming Meetings:

Fuel Tax Council

 The next meeting of the Fuel Tax Council will be held in May, 2018

   Dates:  May 15 & 16, 2018  (Tuesday & Wednesday)

   Industry representatives are invited to the PM session on May 15th


The Tobacco Steering Committee will meet the following day on May 17th



    Days Inn Victoria Uptown - Victoria’s Upper Harbour District (Victoria Room)

        Phone:  1-250-388-6611

Days Inn Victoria Uptown Website: https://www.daysinnvictoriauptown.com/

Reservation Cutoff Date:  Apr 30, 2018  

        Group:  “Ministry of Fiance (BC) - Fuel Tax Council

Fuel Tax Council

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