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Fuel Tax Council

Fuel Tax Council

Fuel Tax Administration in Canada

Our Purpose

The Fuel Tax Council (FTC) was established to promote effective, efficient and  cooperative fuel tax administration between the Federal Government, Provinces and Territories through information sharing, issue based projects, and other activities  - the objective and focus  being to curtail tax evasion and promote uniformity.

Our Organization

The Fuel Tax Council was established in 1998. The current structure of FTC has two committees, the Advisory Committee (Made up of Government and Industry Members) and the Steering Committee (Made up solely of government members).

Current Projects

- Information Exchange

Discussion Papers & Presentations (On Topics of Interest)

Training Material

System Documentation (Audit)

Carbon Tax/Levy

- Uniformity / Generic Returns (FTC / BC)

- MOU Update

- FTC Website

- Uniformity  (Reporting and Audit Issues)

Past Accomplishments

- Generic fuel tax returns and schedules

- Common fuel dye standards

- Training course development (3 Courses)

- Fuel tax allocation

- Revised recommended dye injector specifications

- Joint Audit Best Practices and Co-ordination

- E-filing Standard Amendments

- Enforcement Binder

- Revised Glossary of Terms and Definitions

- Fuel Tax Guide