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Fuel Tax Council

Fuel Tax Training Courses

The FTC offers three training courses provided once a year

Basic Fuel Tax Training Course

This course is intended for those who work in fuel tax administration in either government or private industry. Participants from industry are typically individuals who are involved in preparing, analyzing or approving fuel tax returns. Participants from government are typically involved in fuel tax revenue administration, audit or policy.

This course will cover the history of the fuel industry, exploration, fuel manufacturing and distribution, alternative fuels, fuel legislation, fuel tax administration, fuel tax reporting (including generic return preparation) and desk auditing.

Fuel Tax Auditing Course

This course is intended for those involved in the fuel tax audit process, in particular the auditing of fuel tax collectors and remitters. The course may also interest other fuel tax administrators in both government and industry who may wish to learn about the fuel tax auditing process.

Some of the topics covered include:

•Audit Planing

•File Assignment

•Audit Scope/Procedures

•Systems Review

•Auditing of inventory, manufacturing, import and exports, acquisition and distribution, rebrands, exempt sales,volume adjustment, tax credits, shrinkage,and refunds.

Upcoming Training

Information on next training session will be avaible shortly.